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Before We Book FAQ’s

What is your location?

We are located in downtown Ogden inside the Old Ogden Post Office!  The Madison’s physical address is:

298 24th St #250
Ogden, UT 84401

Our venue is located on the 2nd floor of the building near the stairs/elevator on the East side of the building.

What type of events do you do?

Pretty much any type of event you can think of!  We have done weddings, quinceaneras, birthday parties, charity events, galas, adult proms.  You name it!  If you need enough space for any type of event, let us know!

How do we tour?

Because we aren’t always in the office, setting an appointment is best.  You can set up a tour by giving us a call at 801-441-2211 or emailing us at [email protected]

Where is parking?

Free parking can be found all around the building but our main parking lot is on the back (North) side of the building.  There are 83 spaces in the back.  Additionally there is free parking at the Junction parking garage across the street

What is the capacity of your venue?

The atrium holds 150 guests standing or about 90 seated at tables.

The ballroom holds 200 guests standing or about 120 seated at tables. (150 for a ceremony)

The total capacity of the whole venue is 374 persons

Do you setup tables/chairs or do we?

During your pre planning meeting (usually 30 days before your event) we draw up a floor plan based on your guest count, vendors, etc.  Based on that we will set up the room with the tables, chairs and table cloths and you can come in and decorate before your event.

Do you have a security deposit?

Yes, our security deposit is $500 ($100/hour for hourly events) which is fully refundable as long as nothing is broken or ruined*.
*See our agreement for full terms and conditions of security deposit refund.

What does a DIY Venue mean?

As a venue, we will set up your tables, chairs and tablecloths and then you come decorate the rest.  During the night of your event, we will have someone here to help out as needed and act as a host but you and your family are primary responsible for refilling drinks, food etc.  We can also help coordinate a reset and help out with it but in order for them to be timely we do require some assistance.  If you are interested in bringing on extra help, we do have options for that.

Are we responsible for cleanup?

You are just responsible for any decor, food and whatever else you may bring in.  We take care of the linens, floors and cleanup of the venue’s decor that you may have borrowed.

How do we book?

A booking appointment can be set by contacting our main office at 801-441-2211 or emailing us at [email protected]

50% of the venue cost is due at time of booking also a $500 security deposit.  (See Security Deposit FAQ for more info or other variables.

Already Booked FAQ’s

Is there someone on site on the day of my event?

Yes, you will have a host/hostess the day of your event who will be there from unlocking the venue all the way to till the last family member leaves.  We will help in emptying trash cans throughout the evening and also help with general spills or messes.  See the DIY FAQ question for more of what they will do.

How do you take payments?

We currently accept cash and check with no additional fees.
In order to keep our rental fees low, we also take additional forms of payment with a small fee.  We take Venmo (@MadisonVenue) with a 2% fee and Credit Cards with a 4% fee.

We do take personal checks although cashier’s check or money order is preferred.  We have a returned check fee of $50 plus will require a different form of payment other than a personal check.

When can we decorate?

Ideally we can get you in the day before or even a couple of days before but it depends if we have another event booked the day before your event.  We will figure out the best time at the 30 day pre planning meeting.

Can I bring my decorator/mom/DJ/etc. by to see the venue?

We would love for them to see the venue!  The best way to do this is to make an appointment as we aren’t always at the venue.  Call us at 801-441-2211 or email us at [email protected] to set up an appointment!

What if 30 days before doesn't work for me for a meeting?

No worries!  Just shoot us a call or email us and we can figure out a better time to meet up.

How much time do we get to clean up?

We give an additional one hour time frame for cleanup after your reception is over.  As a reminder, you just take care of any decor or food you may have brought in.  We take care of our decor, tables, chairs and cleaning/sweeping/vacuuming etc.

Do you allow alcohol?

Yes, as long as you have a Utah licensed and insured bartender and also have that bartender list the Madison Venue LLC as additional insured.  For more information, please refer to our rental agreement or ask a member of our staff!

Do I have to use your preferred vendors?

No, but we highly recommend it!  All of our preferred vendors have been to our venue, know the layout and setup and have valuable experience with our venue.  But we do have a open vendor policy and you can bring in who you’d like.

Can we use the lobby/outside stairs for pictures?

Yes for sure!  We love pictures from all around the building, please share them with us too!

I saw the bride's room, do you have a groom's room?

No, we don’t care about our grooms.  Jk, we love our grooms!  We are working on getting a permanent one but as of right now we do have options for a limited groom’s room.  Ask a member of our staff for more details and a tour of this room!